Thinking Abortion?

Thinking Abortion?

We live in a time where abortion is a legal choice—regardless of whether everyone agrees with it or not. For many women, that “surprise” pregnancy is a scary and lonely situation to be in; not generally a celebratory, tell-everyone-you-know, kind of time.

Whether the concern is financial, educational or just personal, the desire to get back to a comfortable spot is huge. Abortion can feel like it may be the best solution to getting back to that place of normalcy.

There are many women who feel that abortion is their only option and while it is certainly a legal option—it’s not the only one. Same goes for choosing to parent or making an adoption plan. Hard as they may be, there’s more than just one option.

Nearly EVERY decision is hard to make when there’s a pregnancy unplanned and two things you absolutely do not need when make a big choice:

  1. pressure
  2. lack of information

Safe. Informed. Confident.

We believe the only way to be empowered with confidence in making big decisions in your life like this is for our medical professionals to provide you with everything you need to know in a safe—judgment-free—zone. Learning all you need to know about abortion will help you make a comfortable decision during a challenging time.

You also need people you can trust. That’s why we’re here. We do not have financial gain in any decisions you make regarding your pregnancy.

How We Can Help

We offer the following NO CHARGE, COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL services:

Basic Abortion Info

This is a summary of abortion procedures most commonly used today.

Emergency Contraception (AKA the Morning After Pill, Plan B or E.C.)

A pill taken within five days of unprotected sex. It is different from the abortion pill AKA medical abortion because it is taken before a positive pregnancy confirmation.

However, sperm can live in the body for up to three days. Within that time, the fertilization of the egg could have already taken place and taking E.C. would prevent that fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus—hence, causing an early abortion.

Medication Abortion (AKA the Abortion Pill, Mifeprex or Ru486)

This is an abortion performed early in a pregnancy using medication. It is a three-step process beginning with an ultrasound to determine if the pregnancy is eligible to be medically terminated.

If the criteria is met, Mifepristone is given in the office to begin the process of embryo detachment from the uterus. The woman is given the Misoprostol to take 24 – 72 hours later which will then cause contractions to expel the embryo from the uterus.

There is reported cramping, bleeding and similarities of that of a miscarriage or labor. There should be a second visit into the abortion clinic within two weeks to ensure that all the contents of the uterus were expelled and a surgical abortion is not needed to complete the abortion.

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion procedures are typically performed beginning at five weeks. The methods range from:

  • the use of a suction or vacuum aspiration (removal of uterine contents via a suction or vacuum),
  • dilation and curettage AKA D&C (after the cervix is dilated, the uterine contents is removed by scraping and suctioning of the uterine lining),
  • dilation and evacuation AKA dilation and extraction, D&E, D&X, or partial-birth abortion (after the cervix is dilated, the uterine contents is typically removed by a combination of vacuum, D&C and the use of forceps)

Depending on how far along in the pregnancy will determine the type of surgical method used.

Your health and safety matters to us.

For more information, contact us today to schedule your NO CHARGE, CONFIDENTIAL initial consultation with a member of our experienced medical team.